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Jan 30th 2000, 03:19 ndkent Re: [AH] Synthesizing vocal sounds
Mar 9th 2000, 15:37 ndkent Re: [AH] Vangelis Albedo 0.39 synths?
Mar 13th 2000, 14:40 ndkent re:[AH] The Birds
Mar 23rd 2000, 11:59 ndkent Re: [AH] MAM VF11
Apr 10th 2000, 12:15 ndkent [AH] MKS-80 Thoughts
Apr 16th 2000, 15:48 ndkent re:[AH] midi cc#s --> cv
Nov 19th 2003, 20:41 ndkent [AH] re: Good CV/gate KB?!: )
Nov 30th 2003, 02:27 ndkent [AH] Re: TapeOp Synth
Jan 8th 2004, 03:52 ndkent Re: [AH] How can I create effect of voice coming from horribly...
Apr 17th 2004, 02:25 ndkent RE: [AH] modular polysynths?
Apr 30th 2004, 02:31 ndkent Re: [AH] KRAFTWERK IN SEATTLE!!!
May 26th 2004, 01:57 ndkent [AH] Re: Doepfer LFO Power cable. . . which end is stripe?
Jun 2nd 2004, 09:33 ndkent Re: [AH] clipchod
Jun 18th 2004, 23:04 ndkent Re: [AH] headless keyboards?
Jul 21st 2004, 14:35 ndkent Re: [AH] Doepfer vocoder modules
Aug 27th 2004, 13:11 ndkent RE: [AH] Yamaha GX-1 -secret features
Sep 11th 2004, 00:24 ndkent RE: [AH] SH-101 clone - was Re: [AH] buchla 101
Oct 7th 2004, 22:54 ndkent [AH] Re: Five-G Plophets
Dec 2nd 2004, 21:21 ndkent Re: [AH] re: Roland Paraphonic Strings vs. VP-330 - differences?
Dec 5th 2004, 20:08 ndkent [AH] Theiss Modular, any out there yet?
Jan 7th 2005, 19:32 ndkent RE: [AH] TONTO
Jan 23rd 2005, 17:38 ndkent Re: [AH] re: EMS Synthi A
Jan 28th 2005, 19:30 ndkent Re: [AH] return on investment (was) RE: [AH] Tube Amps?
Feb 8th 2005, 00:11 ndkent Re: [AH] FracRacks
Feb 24th 2005, 19:37 ndkent Re: [AH] fun!
Mar 27th 2005, 10:19 ndkent [AH] re: cwejman expansion?
Mar 27th 2005, 23:42 ndkent Re: [AH] re: cwejman expansion?
Apr 15th 2005, 20:15 ndkent [AH] re: Doepfer in Asys rack?
Apr 15th 2005, 22:40 ndkent Re: [AH] re: Doepfer in Asys rack?
Apr 17th 2005, 18:56 ndkent Re: [AH] French Buchla
Apr 21st 2005, 00:19 ndkent Re: [AH] YMO videos
Jul 5th 2005, 06:33 ndkent [AH] re: simple MIDI analogue programmer?
Jul 9th 2005, 05:25 ndkent Re: [AH] Syrinx - Soundfiles on URL?
Jul 19th 2005, 03:06 ndkent [AH] re: OT: Kraftwerk's new album
Aug 13th 2005, 14:03 ndkent [AH] Examples of VCFs that have Resonance as a MOD destination?
Aug 21st 2005, 11:49 ndkent Re: [AH] re: New instrument: Tenori-on
Oct 20th 2005, 14:33 ndkent [AH] Bad Trader Alert: Thaddeus Besedin (a.k.a. subsumption or...
Jan 22nd 2006, 20:45 ndkent Re: [AH] The WORST synth songs
Mar 31st 2006, 20:08 ndkent [AH] re: Using sound cards as CV control?
Apr 6th 2006, 18:49 ndkent Re: [AH] Yamaha GX-1 original price a bargain?
Apr 13th 2006, 05:34 ndkent [AH] re: Moog MF-104Z Delay
Apr 16th 2006, 19:47 ndkent Re: [AH] Re: Modular recommendations
Apr 17th 2006, 02:07 ndkent Re: [AH] Re: Modular recommendations
Apr 28th 2006, 08:30 ndkent [AH] re: roland system 100
Jun 18th 2006, 21:23 ndkent Re: [AH] Building a Buchla clone
Jun 29th 2006, 05:27 ndkent Re: [AH] some help building a rack for doepfer
Jul 2nd 2006, 02:12 ndkent Re: [AH] My entire house is filled with vintage gear. What do I do?
Jul 10th 2006, 12:57 ndkent [AH] re: CV Question
Jul 22nd 2006, 02:59 ndkent Re: [AH] Re:ADSR vS Complex Env Gen
Jul 22nd 2006, 03:40 ndkent [AH] re: Silly question for doepfer owners