Re: [AH] Anyone used the Ana. Sol. HH88?

From ndkent
Sent Wed, Oct 1st 2008, 19:23

I have it and am quite pleased. 

Yes, you are right there aren't many analog hat/cymbal modules. The Doepfer A-117 produces some sources but doesn't have the envelopes or optional filter onboard. (p.s. their vactoral module doc has info for making some A-117 mods)

I actually have a question about the MFB Eurorack module. I have their MFB-502 which is said to be the same circuitry. What frustrates me is the range on many of the hat parameters is fairly narrow and minimal. So I was wondering if the module versions have more range? (and I wish they had more parameters)

Would love a clone of the SDSV hat and cymbal modules. Really cool sounds. I guess historically on drum brains, drummers didn't like the synth hats and cymbals so they used real ones (booo  hisss). Notice that they were the first to go sampled on the 909 and years Jomox followed suit using the 909 method.