Re: [AH] re: Roland Paraphonic Strings vs. VP-330 - differences?

From ndkent
Sent Thu, Dec 2nd 2004, 21:21

> no the strings are not the same
> similiar but still quite different

Just curious are you talking about the earlier or later  VP-330 
versions in comparison to the Paraphonic?

( according to Forrest's A-Z there are also some earlier VP-330s with 
the newer version filter but older everything else)

> The earliest VP's appear to be using the same BBD ensemble chips as 
> found in the RS model but with the difference that the RS has three 
> ensemble settings* instead of just ON/OFF as on the VP.

> * the still earlier RS-202 came with 3 ensemble settings as well.

Well the RS-505 has four SAD512 chips .

Forrest lists SAD512 and SAD1024 in the earlier VP-330

The Dimension D has two MN something, right?

The earlier RS-202 used three MN3002 chips and later ones had MN3004s 
(as did later VP-330s along with the MN3009)

So none have the exact same ensemble though some must be closer 
sounding than others. I might add that for people used to the subtle 
Roland "Dimension" sound, the III setting on the RS-505 is pretty 
intense (perhaps it should be redubbed the ill setting ? :-)