Re: [AH] re: EMS Synthi A

From ndkent
Sent Sun, Jan 23rd 2005, 17:38

I guess now more people realize what I meant by my post a couple days 
ago that the high 2nd hand price and willingness to pay it is in part 
brought on by impatience. Robin  lets you out of buying a new one 
because the list is long and any new finished unit would unquestionably 
be bought by the next person waiting for that model.

> The original Synthi-A cases are out of production, so unless a suitable
> replacement is found, it looks like the Synthi-A is out of production 
> and only
> VCS-3 is going to be continued.

I keep fantasizing that synth buffs will go all over the England 
scouring boot sales, second hand shops and go up and interrogate anyone 
who looks like an older businessman or pensioner for just the right 
model cheap 30 year old attache case so they too can get a synthi A 

Q: "Why would you want that old piece of #$%@?"
A: "Well, you see sir, I'm having my dream synthesizer built right into 

After all, occasionally companies like Doepfer and Blacet  for instance 
offer to build a discontinued product if you supply the key 
unobtainable chip... err... piece of 30 year old luggage

> As for the filter, I only know of one version of the filter. However, 
> t=
> here is
> a variation of the filter which I know of, and that is the bridging of 
> =
> diodes
> in the top of the diode-ladder. With diode-bridging I mean that one 
> pai=
> r of the
> diodes (one in each leg of the ladder) is being bridged with one 
> additi=
> onal
> diode per leg. This changes the dynamic termination impedance of the 
> di=
> ode-
> ladder somewhat and thus is expected to change sonical properties. It 
> m=
> ay be
> that this practice was only introduced in the late Mk I or early Mk 
> II.=
>  There
> where no layout changes to account for it.

I'm sure the filter difference is now common knowledge because it's a 
publicized feature on the licensed Analogue Systems EMS filter module. 
Clearly though the difference isn't so major or else Analogue Systems 
wouldn't have been able to build what appears to be a simple switch 
into their module.

And oh yes, BTW I bought some cosmetic parts and extra pins a few years 
ago and Robin sent them right away.