Re: [AH] How can I create effect of voice coming from horribly distorted

From ndkent
Sent Thu, Jan 8th 2004, 03:52

> >perhapseven some slight pitch modulation of the voice with a
> >high-rate LFO, if you have facilities for such a
> >thing...
> I don't think it is possible to pitch modulate the voice in real-time with 
> any known *external* devices...

You can get pitch change effect with a modulatable delay (which of
course can be an analogue delay). Though you can debate it it's truely
realtime as you are working with a delay.

And while a frequency shift isn't the same thing as pitch modulation you
can modulate the shift in realtime... and it happens to sound like
shortwave radio artifacts (Doepfer sells a lower end one).

As for doing stuff with a voice you aren't very happy with (nothing to
do with clock radio) I guess you can do what quite a few synthesists
have done who don't have such great voices, get a hold of a vocoder.