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Oct 3rd 1999, 02:20 Pietro (amb) Antarctica
Oct 3rd 1999, 19:41 Ambientidm (amb) species of fishes
Oct 3rd 1999, 22:57 Nick Zavriev (amb) Re: (idm) species of fishes
Oct 4th 1999, 03:54 RAlcomendr (amb) CD/LP sale/trade list
Oct 5th 1999, 04:42 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) music for trade/sale
Oct 5th 1999, 21:26 Pietro (amb) Sub Rosa
Oct 6th 1999, 02:38 Pietro (amb) CiM - Service Pack
Oct 7th 1999, 01:46 Pietro (amb) Fluoroscopic Kid "Soft Drink Jihad"
Oct 7th 1999, 05:23 erich Re: (amb) Fluoroscopic Kid "Soft Drink Jihad"
Oct 7th 1999, 08:13 nd (amb) URL for new and revised sale/trade list
Oct 9th 1999, 21:38 Pedro Cevallos (amb) Mixing as an arform
Oct 10th 1999, 02:49 Zenon M. Feszczak (amb) Mutant Trade List!
Oct 10th 1999, 06:46 quentin rogers (amb) Re: (idm) Mutant Trade List!
Oct 10th 1999, 18:08 Bob Weisend (amb) Bob's CD Sale: 10-Oct-1999
Oct 11th 1999, 00:11 Christopher Miller (amb) review - S.O.L.O.
Oct 12th 1999, 04:13 C Twomey (amb) Scanner Interview & Reviews Posted
Oct 13th 1999, 03:00 Bob Weisend (amb) eBay items (Flextone, Stasis, Orb, David Morley)
Oct 14th 1999, 06:39 Pietro (amb) Cathars (Miau Miau)
Oct 14th 1999, 08:28 Thierens (amb) structure decay - fat cat sampler
Oct 14th 1999, 09:21 Tony van der Veen (amb) Mutant Trade List!
Oct 14th 1999, 21:38 Paul Levinson (amb) A few CDs for sale
Oct 15th 1999, 07:05 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) music for trade/sale
Oct 15th 1999, 09:36 seofon (amb) Locust /Natural Composite/ MP3 outtake
Oct 15th 1999, 11:51 Pedro Cevallos (amb) FS/FS: CD and Vinyl
Oct 16th 1999, 00:05 Paul Levinson (amb) Reduced CD sale list
Oct 16th 1999, 22:41 Pietro (amb) Sybarite [Meusic] 7" emanate
Oct 18th 1999, 02:16 Pietro (amb) Warp 10+3 (Remixes)
Oct 18th 1999, 02:56 Lance (amb) Re: isan
Oct 18th 1999, 03:01 Lance (amb) Forgot to add about isan...
Oct 18th 1999, 13:45 Timothy Fothergill (amb) Autechre, Music Box, Manchester 15th October
Oct 18th 1999, 13:59 Timothy Fothergill (amb) (Fwd) Autechre, Music Box, Manchester 15th October
Oct 18th 1999, 14:43 Rowland Atkinson (amb) Mampits Sale/Trade list (some rarities)
Oct 19th 1999, 05:12 Pietro (amb) Anthony Manning "Concision Edits"
Oct 19th 1999, 23:13 esa ruoho (amb) Re: seefeel: succour
Oct 20th 1999, 20:01 Paul Levinson (amb) Last call for CD sale before Used CD Store
Oct 22nd 1999, 13:40 Rowland Atkinson (amb) Some remants for trade/sale
Oct 23rd 1999, 00:27 Christopher Miller (amb) FT: Nav Katze, Nobukazu Takemura, Soft Ballet
Oct 23rd 1999, 00:48 Pietro (amb) Solvent ~ solvently one listens ~
Oct 23rd 1999, 00:54 Christopher Miller (amb) ft: Avantgardism, Mururoa, L'Inacheve The Unfinished [T-Power/Pl
Oct 24th 1999, 03:02 Pedro Cevallos (amb) Used CD Stores online
Oct 24th 1999, 03:21 Lance (amb) For some beautiful ambient glitchy drones...
Oct 25th 1999, 02:13 Pietro (amb) ~scape records news..
Oct 25th 1999, 02:25 Shimone Samuel (amb) Polyrythmic Live
Oct 26th 1999, 10:45 Rowland Atkinson (amb) CDs for sale/trade
Oct 26th 1999, 17:01 Zenon M. Feszczak (amb) ISO TripHoprisy
Oct 27th 1999, 07:11 Christopher Miller (amb) ft: Water & Architecture [Seefeel, Atom Heart, Bisk]
Oct 27th 1999, 07:45 RAlcomendr (amb) CD/LP sale trade list
Oct 28th 1999, 07:26 Christopher Miller (amb) Atom Heart/Lassigue Bendthaus Resources.
Oct 28th 1999, 14:02 Thierens (amb) a few remaining copies ... fat cat sampler - structure & decay
Oct 28th 1999, 18:01 Vidar Hanssen (amb) BSCD026 CIRCULAR: Divergent
Oct 29th 1999, 01:09 Christopher Miller (amb) ft: SQUAREPUSHER - "Vic Acid" cd single [WAP 90CD]
Oct 29th 1999, 02:50 Pietro (amb) Two Lone Swordsman "Receive Tactical Support"
Oct 29th 1999, 18:45 colin cahill (amb) for sale
Oct 29th 1999, 18:57 cognition (amb) Stewart Walker feature/interview in Oct 28 Cognition column
Oct 29th 1999, 23:39 Pietro (amb) Plone "For Beginner Piano" [warp] cd
Oct 30th 1999, 07:28 Noah (amb) live mix now on air wnur
Oct 30th 1999, 07:30 Noah (amb) Re: live mix now on air wnur
Oct 31st 1999, 22:23 Shimone Samuel (amb) New Mix Online