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Mar 1st 2008, 14:12 Bakis Sirros Re: [AH] FS: Roland 102 expander (900 euros) SOLD
Mar 2nd 2008, 00:28 ross healy Re: [AH] speaking of knobs, looking for bananalogue type knobs for doepf
Mar 8th 2008, 20:29 Bakis Sirros Re: [AH] FS: Doepfer modules (price: 60% of new price) A170, A123, A185.
Mar 11th 2008, 06:34 Stephen White Re: [AH] Midi to mains current kits
Mar 15th 2008, 18:42 Sean Ellis Re: [AH] WTB: Korg MS-50 in US (MBF version)
Mar 15th 2008, 22:36 Senso RE: [AH] Korg SQ-10 /Yamaha CS-30 question
Mar 18th 2008, 16:43 Anthony Rolando [AH] Doepfer A-112 Sampler/ Wavetable $157
Mar 25th 2008, 09:07 jonathan [AH] vocoder thoughts ...