Re: [AH] Midi to mains current kits

From Stephen White
Sent Tue, Mar 11th 2008, 06:34


Thanks for all the great suggestions. The prices are all much higher  
than I would pay, however.

If I bought a PIC programmer I could make one of these:

and build one of these for it:

A PIC progammer is pretty cheap, say $30 all the components to build  
the midi stuff from Mouser or Digikey probably wouldn't exceed $20-30.  
say I build it all on a punchboard with jumper wires,

So, i am comparing the doepfer solution at about $150 to the DIY  
solution at $60 or so. AND when it is all over I have a PIC programmer  
and can make any open source PIC project...

I was mainly hoping to find someone selling a similarly priced kit but  
where the circuit board was already made and they sold preprogrammed  
PIC's to save me the hassle of programming the PIC, and punchboarding  
or etching my own PC board. If there are enough lines it might make  
sense to do a layout and etch.

Anyway, that is kind of how I was looking at it. Save some hassle for  
a bit of extra money. Its not that big of a hassle where I would pay  
double though.



On Mar 10, 2008, at 10:05 AM, James Husted wrote:

> Doepfer may have what you need. The MTC controller board can hook to  
> any custom piece you make but the MTC-Power unit will at least  
> handle 2 Amps per circuit.
> -James
> On Mar 9, 2008, at 2:00 PM, Stephen White wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like to control a few analogue 110 volt loads, 5-10 amp  
>> max, from midi so if I perform the light show is automatic. Colored  
>> floodlights, a strobe with a 20 inch flash tube (yes it puts out  
>> wicked light, you almost have to wear welders goggles!) things like  
>> that.
>> I have found a few kits that seem fairly priced but the producer  
>> changed lines of business but left the info up. I have also seen a  
>> lot of, to me, overpriced boards  with a few chips thrown in.
>> Any tips?
>> thanks,
>> Steve