[AH] vocoder thoughts ...

From jonathan_snipes
Sent Tue, Mar 25th 2008, 10:07

All this discussion of the moog vocoder has made me wonder ...

I've been planning on purchasing the Doepfer vocoder system for  
awhile (just the vocoder modules, none of the other stuff - I've got  
plenty of EGs, VCOs, VCAs, etc) but now am wondering if I'd be better  
off with just a super high-quality rack vocoder?  I already have the  
Electro Harmonix vocoder which, while great, is pretty much a one  
trick pony.

Will the doepfer give me the versatility that i need, or should I  
really be going for something "classic" like the svc 350, a synton or  
an EMS?

I know the real answer is, "I need all of them 'cause they all sound  
different" but I'm curious to hear from people who have used them all  
& what their thoughts on the pros/cons/distinctions between them  
are ... My vocoder experience is limited to the Warpfactory, the EH  
(clearly), the MAM VF-11, and pretty much all the software vocoders  
(incl. building a few of my own in max) - but I definitely use them  
enough to want to have a permanent nice one in the studio.  The  
doepfer has seemed like the best option as the modules can be  
bastardized for other purposes when needed ... but maybe a 1u synton  
would save me space in the modular & be just as useful for vocoding?