RE: [AH] Korg SQ-10 /Yamaha CS-30 question

From Senso
Sent Sat, Mar 15th 2008, 23:36

>Hello David,
>As I have told you before, the sq10 is a cv (and gate) sequencer that
>outputs cv's.
>It does NOT matter if you'll use it with a hz/volt or an volt/oct synth.
>It will work fine with both.

It will however make a difference in the pitch range.

>However, it outputs inverse triggers, so, in order to use it with a
>volt/oct synth that accepts positive going triggers (roland, arp,
>sequential, etc) you'll need to pass the gate outs of the sq10 thru a
>trigger modifier module like the doepfer A165 trigger modifier.
>Btw, you can also use other modules to invert and offset the trigger
>outs of the korg sq10 in order to use it with the standard positive gate
>synths. (like a voltage inverter and then a cv offset module)
>Btw, I do not remember what kind of triggers (normal or inverted) the
>Yamaha synths want...

The CS series use a negative trigger. No conversion needed.

So go ahead. Plug and play!


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