Date From Subject
Feb 1st 2001, 02:20 Thad Biggerstaff [idm] music for sale/trade...!
Feb 7th 2001, 22:51 marsel [idm] on air
Feb 9th 2001, 22:41 Michael Upton [idm] A wee article on New Zealand electronics
Feb 10th 2001, 12:27 Pedro Cevallos [idm] OT: Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0
Feb 10th 2001, 23:57 pietro [idm] audio::nimbus
Feb 13th 2001, 07:27 Thad Biggerstaff [idm] Even more music for trade/sale!
Feb 15th 2001, 03:36 Thad Biggerstaff [idm] OT: HELP! Need advice on burning Mp3s to audio discs!
Feb 16th 2001, 08:42 Thad Biggerstaff [idm] OT: Thanks for all the help on the cd burner question...
Feb 18th 2001, 20:36 Charles R. Terhune [idm] Liqiud Space Architects show was the bomb!
Feb 18th 2001, 23:13 pietro [idm] audio-nimbus [playlist] 02.18.01
Feb 19th 2001, 01:37 Thad Biggerstaff [idm] Music For Trade/Sale
Feb 22nd 2001, 01:41 Mxyzptlk [idm] Andrew Duke
Feb 23rd 2001, 10:53 marsel [idm] nortroute playlist 21.02.2001
Feb 24th 2001, 19:45 oral [idm] Nantes exp labels
Feb 26th 2001, 15:31 gbach [idm] Repeat After Me playlist 2/17/01