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Nov 5th 2008, 23:18 Bakis Sirros Re: [AH] FS:Doepfer A108 vcf, A192 cv to midi, A141 vc-adsr , A179 light
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Nov 8th 2008, 09:22 Bakis Sirros Re: [AH] FS: Doepfer A110 VCO, (Lower price 70% of new)
Nov 8th 2008, 14:32 royce Re: [AH] SMS modular (was Loads of Analogue stuff at VEMIA #8)
Nov 11th 2008, 15:50 Matthew Davidson Re: [AH] the snappiest envelope ever
Nov 12th 2008, 20:15 Bakis Sirros Re: [AH] Analogue Solutions drum modules opinions?
Nov 25th 2008, 19:07 punkdISCO RE: [AH] Difference between MKS-80, Jupiter8?