Re: [AH] the snappiest envelope ever

From Matthew Davidson
Sent Tue, Nov 11th 2008, 16:50

I have two Doepfer A-140s and a Cwejman ADSR-VC2.

In real-world use, both envelopes are capable of settings that exceed  
my requirements of a 'snappy response'. Anything measured in the  
microsecond range should be sufficient. They're snappy beyond the  
point of diminishing returns. A faster response isn't going to be  
musically useful, IMO.

The control signal itself is one factor, the device that being  
controlled by the signal is another. Take, for example, a VCA. It  
feels like there are some inherent slew characteristics that factor  
into the overall experience. I like the Cwejman VCA-2P for response  
and the quiet operation/noise floor/dynamic range.

The log/exp mode switch on the ADSR-VC2 also changes matters  
dramatically. When paired with the lin/log switches on the VCA-2P,  
this produces four audible variations of contour characteristics and  
they're all useful.

The ADSR-VC2 has CV inputs for each stage, but the A-140 has none. The  
Doepfer A-141, which has VC inputs, seems to have a sluggish response  
in comparison to the 140. The 141 has built-in VC input attenuators,  
which the ADSR-VC2 lacks. This can be addressed with an external  
attenuator like the Plan B model 36 ELF Leveler, which is inexpensive  
and consumes only 4HP.

- matthew