RE: [AH] Difference between MKS-80, Jupiter8?

From punkdisco
Sent Tue, Nov 25th 2008, 20:07


I cant expand on the differences and like others, I have pretty much read
everything ever written on the topic.

I cant understand why a few people are unimpressed with the MKS80.  Maybe
it's the interface?  Anyway, I have had mine for maybe 6 years and for 5
years it remained unused (interface).  I also had a Doepfer Drehbank that
was also unused (it was setup to control a few synths so subsequently
controlled none).  I have now decided to setup the MKS80/Drehbank
permanently paired. This means that when I turn then on, they work! The
Drehbank has 64 knobs - the MKS80 has 64 editable parameters!

The MKS80 is an incredible synth. It just sounds wonderful. Extremely
powerful and with the unusual modulation options, you can get some very
aggressive/unusual sounds out of it.

I don't know where the previous poster got the 6dB bass boost figure from (I
don't ever recall hearing it quantified) and I don't even know if the well
documented boost actually exists, although I have no reason to doubt it.
With or without this boost, it has a bass to die for. So much so that nearly
every patch I use tends to have the HPF turned all the way up (unless it's a
bass patch).

Oh yeah, and the duo-phonic is very nice, as is the very flexible unison

Good luck..

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