Date From Subject
Sep 1st 1999, 23:04 Pedro Cevallos (amb) The Big Chill and Fila Brazillia
Sep 2nd 1999, 18:08 Shimone Samuel (amb) Compression
Sep 2nd 1999, 20:23 sean whalen Re: (amb) Compression
Sep 2nd 1999, 21:00 Shimone Samuel (amb) Re: [Fwd: (idm) Compression]
Sep 3rd 1999, 05:38 RAlcomendr (amb) Aedena Cycle
Sep 3rd 1999, 19:44 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) what the fuck is going on
Sep 4th 1999, 18:57 Frimann Freyr Bjornsson Re: (amb) ALL artists on IDM and AMBIENT Lists
Sep 5th 1999, 21:52 Christopher Miller (amb) FT: Black Dog.
Sep 6th 1999, 11:03 Paddy Grove (amb) Instrumental 'Acoustek'
Sep 6th 1999, 18:33 Mxyzptlk (amb) Codek/Obliq
Sep 6th 1999, 20:08 gbach (idm) (amb) So Cal related events
Sep 6th 1999, 23:11 Pedro Cevallos (amb) Software for my laptop
Sep 7th 1999, 20:58 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) music for sale/trade...
Sep 8th 1999, 07:33 Hess Hodge (amb) FS/FT neglected items
Sep 9th 1999, 03:43 clockwise (amb) bad deal
Sep 9th 1999, 03:57 Christopher Miller (amb) Re: Lagowski 'Prismatic'/Hypnotism HT04
Sep 9th 1999, 04:57 Tim Zeigler (amb) RE: (idm) bad deal
Sep 9th 1999, 10:15 Mxyzptlk (amb) Re: (idm) bad deal
Sep 9th 1999, 14:46 Mike Scheibinger RE: (amb) bad deal
Sep 9th 1999, 14:58 Andy Perrine Re: (amb) bad deal
Sep 9th 1999, 21:09 Shimone Samuel (amb) Atlanta
Sep 10th 1999, 03:18 ejroda Re: (amb) bad deal
Sep 10th 1999, 15:27 Ray Pelletier (amb) Boston, Providence, S.E.Mass - stores, events??
Sep 10th 1999, 17:29 seofon (amb) Locust (Mark Van Hoen) site upload
Sep 11th 1999, 04:56 RAlcomendr (amb) Redcell:Stasis CD on e-bay
Sep 11th 1999, 21:09 pHlow Re: (amb) Boston, Providence, S.E.Mass - stores, events??
Sep 12th 1999, 17:13 nd (amb) FT/FS url
Sep 12th 1999, 18:16 Bob Weisend (amb) Bob's Biggest CD Sale EVER
Sep 13th 1999, 05:44 sean whalen (amb) mp3 cd player
Sep 13th 1999, 17:30 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) music for trade/sale
Sep 13th 1999, 18:23 lui (amb) seattle
Sep 13th 1999, 18:36 David Beardsley Re: (amb) music for trade/sale
Sep 13th 1999, 19:00 Alan Blattberg (amb) Our own David Beardsley on NYC Public Access TV
Sep 13th 1999, 20:31 Thad Biggerstaff Warm Coursing Blood review (was Re: (amb) music for trade/sale)
Sep 14th 1999, 03:57 Christopher Miller (amb) FT: Low - "Owl Remixes" [feat. Neotropic/Porter Ricks/DJ Vadim..
Sep 14th 1999, 17:24 Santiago Cevallos (amb) FS\FT, Freeform, Gescom,Push Button
Sep 15th 1999, 01:25 Mxyzptlk (amb) Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze
Sep 15th 1999, 04:08 Pedro Cevallos (amb) Andrea Parker !K7
Sep 15th 1999, 04:18 Tim Sweet Re: (amb) Andrea Parker !K7
Sep 15th 1999, 06:05 Christopher Miller (amb) FT: Jimi Tenor [Warp]
Sep 15th 1999, 13:10 cognition Re: (amb) Andrea Parker !K7
Sep 16th 1999, 10:56 Agent23 (amb) Inner Space update - and Breakbeat Era comp
Sep 16th 1999, 12:33 Rowland Atkinson (amb) Nice big list 4 sale/trade
Sep 16th 1999, 18:07 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) additional music for trade/sale
Sep 16th 1999, 22:00 Marc Weidenbaum (amb) Roedelius in New Orleans
Sep 17th 1999, 00:20 Pedro Cevallos (amb) + FS: Akai MPC2000 Studio Plus +
Sep 17th 1999, 01:35 Jason Perez (amb) Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 17:35:55 PDT
Sep 17th 1999, 07:43 Pietro (amb) UBIN.02
Sep 18th 1999, 06:42 Pedro Cevallos (amb) Music as a catalyst for social change
Sep 21st 1999, 03:19 gideon (amb) Ambient/Experimental Event in San Diego: 8-23-99
Sep 22nd 1999, 03:55 Pietro (amb) State Of The Art Heirloom
Sep 22nd 1999, 21:16 Mxyzptlk (amb) Octopus
Sep 23rd 1999, 01:18 Pietro (amb) Solutiore Of Stareau
Sep 23rd 1999, 03:54 Pietro (amb) ADRIEN75 12"
Sep 23rd 1999, 06:26 Lance C McGannon (amb) Re: Solutiore Of Stareau
Sep 23rd 1999, 10:21 Mxyzptlk (amb) Re: (idm) Re: Solutiore Of Stareau
Sep 23rd 1999, 17:33 Adam J Weitzman (amb) Re: (idm) Re: Solutiore Of Stareau
Sep 23rd 1999, 18:32 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) updated trade/sale list
Sep 24th 1999, 04:32 Lance C McGannon (amb) Forthcoming Conrad Schnitzler remix 3xcd...
Sep 24th 1999, 04:34 Lance C McGannon (amb) Some upcoming releases from Meme - Japan
Sep 24th 1999, 05:45 Lance C McGannon (amb) Upcoming District Six release & related news...
Sep 24th 1999, 06:50 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) a few goodies available (Nav Katze, Suzuki K1>7,5cc [The Orb], Mar
Sep 24th 1999, 09:38 Tom Przybylinski (amb) looking for some Aloof Proof
Sep 25th 1999, 00:21 Pedro Cevallos (amb) The Revolution will not be televised
Sep 25th 1999, 00:29 Mxyzptlk Re: (amb) The Revolution will not be televised
Sep 26th 1999, 19:42 Mxyzptlk (amb) Stareau
Sep 26th 1999, 20:20 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) Re: (idm) Sex and Music
Sep 26th 1999, 23:45 Thad Biggerstaff (amb) another update of music for trade/sale
Sep 27th 1999, 00:24 Pedro Cevallos (amb) + Summer in the City +
Sep 27th 1999, 22:11 Paul Levinson (amb) Small V/A CD sale list
Sep 27th 1999, 22:40 lazlo (amb) DJ T1000
Sep 27th 1999, 23:52 Mxyzptlk (amb) WTB
Sep 28th 1999, 00:49 esa ruoho (amb) Re: (idm) WTB
Sep 28th 1999, 03:25 Paul Levinson Re: (amb) WTB
Sep 28th 1999, 04:10 Lance C McGannon (amb) Re: Highways Over Gardens
Sep 28th 1999, 10:32 Agent23 (amb) New mix from Dan Butler and El Toro
Sep 28th 1999, 21:00 wolf kemker (amb) kompaktkiste
Sep 29th 1999, 00:15 Kevin Sample RE: (amb) Re: (idm) WTB
Sep 29th 1999, 02:25 Paul Levinson (amb) Reduced CD sale V/A
Sep 29th 1999, 13:17 cognition (amb) KFL reissue
Sep 29th 1999, 19:32 Randy Murakoshi-Barnwell Fwd: (amb) (idm) kompaktkiste
Sep 29th 1999, 19:57 Paul Levinson Re: (amb) (idm) kompaktkiste
Sep 30th 1999, 08:21 seofon (amb) FS: Muslimgauze "Izlamaphobia" 2xCD