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Oct 1st 2004, 00:28 implode7 Re: [AH] New Doepfer Distributor?
Oct 1st 2004, 00:49 implode7 RE: [AH] New Doepfer Distributor?
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May 14th 2007, 22:04 implode7 [AH] FS: Doepfer a-192 cv to midi module
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Jul 5th 2007, 17:18 implode7 Re: [AH] MIDI to CV Converter?
Jul 26th 2007, 07:23 implode7 [AH] fs: Plan B Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate/Doepfer A-109 VC
Aug 3rd 2007, 17:01 implode7 [AH] fs: Evolver Desktop/Also Doepfer A-109
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Sep 12th 2007, 17:34 implode7 Re: [AH] fs: eurorack/blacet (metalbox) modules ONE DAY SPECIAL
Sep 17th 2007, 16:32 implode7 Re: [AH] ft: microwave 1 for xt
Sep 17th 2007, 21:52 implode7 Re: [AH] ft: microwave 1 for xt
Sep 30th 2007, 18:44 implode7 [AH] fs: Doepfer and Blacet
Dec 14th 2007, 16:48 implode7 [AH] fs: Doepfer modules (A-188-2, A-171, A-118, A-138, A-138c
Jan 17th 2008, 17:09 implode7 [AH] fs: an1x, eurorack modules
Feb 4th 2008, 04:13 implode7 [AH] Lots of eurorack/blacet fs/+ Ebbe und Flut
Feb 6th 2008, 06:56 implode7 [AH] Lots of eurorack/blacet fs/+ Ebbe und Flut REVISED
Feb 6th 2008, 07:51 implode7 Re: [AH] Lots of eurorack/blacet fs/+ Ebbe und Flut REVISED...
Feb 8th 2008, 05:50 implode7 [AH] fs: eurorack/blacet another price reduction
Feb 9th 2008, 07:43 implode7 [AH] fs: eurorack/Blacet - LAST chance
Feb 9th 2008, 11:20 implode7 [AH] fs: analogue systems rs-300 cv to midi
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