[AH] fs: eurorack/blacet another price reduction

From Ancient Eyeball Recipe
Sent Fri, Feb 8th 2008, 04:50

 Hah - realized in my gear lusted frenzy that I forgot to include my rent in
my spreadsheet. Need to raise a bit more. I think that these prices are
pretty damn good. If you order multiple modules, I'll give you a further
discount. If you buy all of them tonight, I'll give you a real good

 Cwejman  dmf-2  $400.00
 analogue systems  rs-270 1/8 to 1/4 adapter  $55.00
 Doepfer  a-138 mixer (2)  $45.00
  a-141 vcadsr (2)  $98.00
  a-131 vca (2)  $62.00
  a-147 vclfo  $80.00
  a-166 logic module  $90.00
  a-172 max-min  $48.00
A-100P case  $390.00   (NOTE - this is the portable, non-rack version of the
  a-143-1 - complex eg/lfo  $175.00
 Blacet  Scanner  $65.00
  Dual VCA  $80.00