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Mar 4th 1998, 10:59 Stupid Octave Cat Re: analog faq
Mar 8th 1998, 02:58 Aaron Ross gloatfest + horror story
Mar 9th 1998, 14:02 kelly mcmanus Re: ARP Sequencer/analogue sequencers.
Mar 13th 1998, 22:23 Peake Re: Music Central is not a Doepfer dealer
Mar 13th 1998, 23:06 Yoshiki Ohmura Re: Music Central is not a Doepfer dealer
Mar 15th 1998, 12:30 dave Re: Skinny Puppy Page?
Mar 18th 1998, 08:27 THOMAS PONS Phil Oakey and analog synths
Mar 19th 1998, 21:18 Benjamin A Ward Re: Deal of the CENTURY
Mar 23rd 1998, 03:33 Douglas Wagner MAQ16/3 and Schaltwerk sale!
Mar 24th 1998, 22:40 Douglas Wagner FS: Korg 770
Mar 27th 1998, 18:46 dacc Reasons to be cheerful, pt. whatever...
Mar 30th 1998, 19:24 rw FWD: (idm) Updated Kraftwerk tour dates and ticket sale date information
Mar 31st 1998, 21:17 Mark Pulver Fwd: [Digital_Hell] LP's CD's to trade