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From Benjamin Middleton
Sent Fri, Oct 30th 1992, 17:44

I thought it was about time I wrote to the     
entire group about my connections with the
ApheX tWin - as I continually get sent 
individual requests for information. Ahhh!

Richard (AFX) James has been producing 
music since he was 12 - I have seen him.
He worked in his bedroom in a modern 
bungalow in Lanner, Cornwall. 

His setup was bizarre to say the least. 
Casio FZ-10M, DX-100 (missing keys'n'all),
SH-101, Quadraverb, Atari 520ST with bust
keyboard(!), odd keyboards, bits of old
electrical equipment, 8+ turntables, one
borrowed mixer(!), bits of audio gear (all
cleverly balanced on some lucozade cans,  
hand-sprayed JBL's suspended from ceiling
by industrial strength chain. The list     

Digeridoo was recorded initially for the
benefit of FIZZ-BOMB (at the Shire Horse,
St Ives, Cornwall). He DJ'ed with my   
brother (Tom) both here and at the Bowgie
Inn (Crantock, Newquay, Cornwall) - not 
to mention the numerous beaches around    
the county.

The original Pacman (never released) was
recorded off an arcade machine in Newquay
The original is 100x better than the      
choci remix on yellow vinyl.

AFX released several of his original
recordings on Rephlex Records, London -
indeed, Richard himself resampled bits 
for R+S from these Rephlex Records (or
that what it sounds like on the R+S    

Richard now lives in Islington, London,
and continues to do work for Rephlex       
Records (under the name Caustic Window).

His first record was a joint project with
himself and my brother for Mighty Force
Records (Exeter, Devon) - the Analogue
Bubblebath EP (En Trance to Exit was    
Tom's idea!).

Tom continues to do work for Mighty Force
(he had his Schizophrenia - My Splendid
Idea released by them). Tom now works with
Mark Pritchard (formerly SHAFT - Rhubarb +
Custard) on Evolution Records (run by Tom
and Mark). This new label has gained alot
of respect in London (indeed their latest
release Global Communication - Sublime
Creation has received a 5 * rating in Mix
Mag. Just goes to show that good music

This just about sums up my connection with
the twin. If you need further information,
I will answer any mail.

NB: Rephlex Records is continually on the
lokk out for new talent in the techno field.
If you've got any demo-tapes, I can supply
an address.

HX-PRO - drn - bass mechanic - pattern avenger