Re: whitezone-l Re: (GABBER) Bad Trader Alert: PETER KVETKOSKY

From Skinner
Sent Sat, Dec 11th 1999, 18:12

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, Mxyzptlk wrote:

-> to be an upstanding guy. In other words, I seriously
-> doubt he would post that kind of thing unless he's
-> tried a few other avenues and was being dicked around
-> by the person in question. Speaking of finding out

Yes so if he was, does it still change the fact that the
person who "dicked" him Is as bad as he says? No he is one
instance. Thus he send "slander".

-> before he went public). And it looks to me like you
-> have a few more ccs in your posting than Chris did. If

I guess you can't count or read, becuse all I did was remove
all the news groups he posted too and used his orginal list.

-> your friend is so upright and true, let him rectify
-> the situation he's left undone instead of letting his
-> compadres talk trash for him.

First off he is someone I have done bus. with not someone I
hang out on friday nights with. As for this person leave int
"undone", even if he has fucked up and didn't do what he has
said, this still dosen't change the fact that Chris posted
"slader" about this person saying to not traid with him.
There are others who have traded with him and have had the
transactions gone thtough, I know this from the lists I

I don't care if crisis909 fucked up or not, if he did then
it should be dealt with, but the action should not be
sending info to everylist he can think off to tell people
that he is a bad trader and not to do transactions with
him. He has no proof that it was more then just his trade.

As for me finding out more info? I don;t need any more. What
info do I need from chris? He is a god guy great. He didn't
get his trade ok.. Still dosen't change the fact that he
sent a note to the list saying that this kid is not ligit
when he dosen't know about all the trades he has done.

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