Re: (idm) Goldie "SaturnzReturn" -?

From Iain Forfar
Sent Tue, Mar 24th 1998, 07:05

> The rest is genero-jungle, increbily repetative R&B,  

Speaking of which - I saw that there's a 12" of "Believe" (what the fuck
is that supposed to be anyway?) coming out with a remix by Photek. What
the hell is he going to do with that? Can't polish a turd and all that.
Anyone heard it?

> Goldie could've done *a lot* better.

Probably. I just bought it coz it was one of the more interesting
looking releases at the music shop. How's that for sad? Digital is good

Strange aside : An English girl at work buys just about every fashion
mag out of the UK, and I was looking through one of them yesterday, and
saw Goldie #3 on a list of "Best Dressed" types or something. 


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