(idm) Re: Aphex Question - RS92019

From Christopher Miller
Sent Mon, Nov 10th 1997, 05:26

On 10 Nov 1997, Denise wrote:

> I emailed the "keeper" of ANOTHER web site that has this listed, and was
> arrogantly told that I don't have what I say I have, and that the listing
> won't be change on the web site because what he has is correct.
> I have BLUE labels, too... even though I was told, "the labels are
> violet, so you don't have this record."  I'm sure Fresh will post the
> addition unlike this ither person.

     Other arrogant person... hm.

     Would you two guys e-mail me dirctly please so I can get some
additional info off of you to add to the AFX discography?  Myself, I've
only listed what I've seen so I don't really know much about this blue
labeled edition (I've got the fuscia one).  I've only got a few
questions... they won't hurt a bit.  ;}


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