Re: (idm) Electrobank Video

From Niraj Agarwalla
Sent Mon, Apr 6th 1998, 16:03

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Spawn wrote:

> I was just curious as to what you guys thought of the video for the
> Chemical Brother's - Electrobank. Personally, I thought it was really
> awesome...Wouldn't it be fuckin' cool if someone _actually_ used techno to
> do a routine to in the Olympics, such as figure skating or gymnastics? I
> dunno..maybe it's jes the early mornin' gettin' to me here, but anyways,
> gimme you guys' feedback on this one....

  Was the video on MTV's Amp?  I always wanted to see the show but comes
on too late for me.  On the point about playing Techno in Olympics: it
isn't going to happen; not anytime soon, anyway.  Figure skating and
gymnastics are some most conservative sports around.  The judges frown
upon anything but classical.  On the professional circuit, things could
be different.

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