Re: (idm) Plastikman 'Consumed' Japanese Version w/ Bonus?

From Steven Center
Sent Wed, Dec 9th 1998, 18:21 wrote:
> the Japanese bonus 3"CD is just the "Sickness" CDEP that came out a while ago.
> is it worth the ?  prolly not since you can buy the same material for about
> $17.52 (after 10% off @ musicblvd) and prolly cheaper elsewhere used.

is it the 'sickness' e.p.?  the track listing on musicblvd for the bonus
disc in the japanese issue looks different.

Also, no dice on getting the 'sickness' e.p. from musicblvd.  they can't
get it, even though it's in their database.  i've tried to order it
multiple times.