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From Andrew Duke
Sent Wed, Jan 7th 2009, 05:03

Not sure how many people know this, but Beatport will be making some
changes and relaunching on January 21; details here:

I urge Beatport users to watch the videos about the changes and if there's
things not announced that you would like to see, that you go to "about
Beatport", then "contact", then "ask a question" and send your requests in.

Note, I'm not affiliated in Beatport in any way, I just would like to 
see some
changes to it and am worried that the few things I would like to see change
(see below) might not be on the cards.  My requests might not be a big deal
for some, but they're a big deal for me.  For those who might be interested,
here's what I just sent to Beatport re: the about Beatport>contact>ask a 
question form:

Really enjoying seeing what some of the new features of Beatport will be 
with the relaunch on January 21.
I have 2 requests that I'm hoping will be part of the relaunch:
#1:  currently I have to rename any files downloaded from Beatport 
because they start with a long number instead of artist name, song 
title, label, or some information that I would find more useful.  Other 
download sites that I use do not have this issue (ie I do not need to 
rename tracks downloaded from elsewhere), so hopefully this can be fixed.
#2:  I'd really like the options to a) download artwork related to a 
purchased release and b) have all files from a release put in a named 
folder and c) have these folders be available as zips for faster 
downloading.  Again, these 3 things are available from some download 
sites I use and I find them very helpful and much appreciated.
Again, very much looking forward to the already-announced updates to 
Beatport for January 21, but hoping that the above, especially the 
removal of the long number at the start of downloaded files so I will 
not have to rename them, will be addressed as well.
Andrew Duke
Andrew Duke In The Mix weekly mixshow (est. 1987), excl. DJ mixes, PAs, 
sound design and music content provider:

Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks
57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

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