From Skinner
Sent Thu, Dec 9th 1999, 20:02

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, dj fishead wrote:

-> just wanted to post a note to say I have dealt with,
-> met and stayed at Pete's place... He put together the
-> FTP party in Niagara Falls this summer and brought
-> myself, Skinner, Double D and Interrupt Vector in to
-> play at it.
-> I haven't done any tape trading with him... but I've
-> dealt with a lot of shady promoters in my time and
-> Pete certainly wasn't -> one of them....

Yea I must say, pete has been straight up with me too. Even
with music trading. Looks to me you have some personal
Vendetta against him if you have to go through the trouble
of hitting every posible list and news group over a CD.

Shit happens, Before you say someone is bad, why don't you
make sure you know all the facts. Who is to say it is every
deal he does has gone bad? Your one isolated case.. I mean
come on you even emailed What did he
stand you up for a date or something?

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