Re: (idm) goldie

From Niraj Agarwalla
Sent Mon, Feb 2nd 1998, 01:11

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Tom Tonger wrote:

> hi all,
> they're just playing that 40-minute track "mother" of goldie's new album on
> the radio here and it is undoubtedly the worst piece of crap I have ever
> heard. does anybody know what the hell this guy was thinking? a few months
> back he hyped himself as "the innovator of d&b" in some interview. if
> that's his definition of the future of d&b, I have no doubts we'll hear
> some la bouche remixes from him in the near future.
> cheers,

  I heard he put everthing but the kitchen sink in this album.  From what
I heard he has a 40-piece orchestra playing on the album.  I heard you 
also have to wait at least 15-minutes before it gets interesting.  The
reviews on this side of the Atlantic have been mixed.

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