Re: whitezone-l Re: (GABBER) Bad Trader Alert: PETER KVETKOSKY

From Sexual Harassment Panda
Sent Sat, Dec 11th 1999, 22:05

>-> No, Chris did not "Slander" your friend.  He stated
>-> that he was dicked around by him, and warned others
>-> that they may not want to trade with that guy as a
>-> result.  That is what I would call a "Public Service
>-> Announcement".

        Well, here is why Chris chose the wrong avenue to
try and solve a problem.  One, he publicly admitted to
soliciting Crisis909 to comit a crime by violating a
copyright through making copies of CDs.  Two, we have been
offered no evidence as to what actually occurred between the
two people and where accusations are made without clear
facts, slander can be applied. Three, if Crisis909 simply
chose not to make the copies of the CD, maybe it is because
he realized that copyright enfringement is illegal?  Thus,
while one might say he is a bad trader, other might consider
him an upstanding citizen for staying true to the legal
principles designed to protect the work of other
artists.  So, ponder upon that for awhile and then get back
to us when you think we care.


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