Re: (idm) Underworld - Mayan Theater LA

From Steven Center
Sent Tue, Nov 24th 1998, 22:42

first, let me echo Will's statement that this is not exactly IDM.  i'm
sorry if it's not that intelligent, but you try to convince the crowd i
saw last night that it wasn't dance music. 

Will Samuels wrote:
> At the last minute I got a free ticket and decided to go.

i too came upon a free ticket at around 8:00 p.m. and decided to go. 
sounds like there were a lot of free tickets floating around.  like
Will, i like a lot of the underworld material, and that last album still
puts me in a good mood sometimes.  'born slippy' is one of my favorite
12"s of all time.  i also dug their performance at organic 96.  

last night had its ups and downs, though.  the classics have never
sounded better, with some great changes to 'born slippy/nuxx' and
'cowgirl'.  there is little doubt in my mind that they do indeed mess
around with their music quite a bit live, since you can watch the two
blokes up on the stage with their entire mixing board messing stuff up
the whole time.  they even had some technical difficulties more than
once during the show, but for all i know that could have been the dat
machine queuing.  that singer guy has got to go, though.  all i could
think of the whole night was the singer from everclear crossed with the
fella from that band 'live', both of whom i would love to smack around a

the new material was indeed quite uninspired and less than intelligent,
nothing new at all.  one of them was nothing more than yet another take
on the acid techno thing.  very average overall.  i would have been very
disappointed if i had paid to see the show, but i can't get too mad when
the show is free.  i did get to dance a bit, which is always welcome on
a monday night.

i have to add that the sound was very crisp and clear and the visuals
were very well done.  the mayan is a cool place to see a show.  it's not
cramped small, but it is far from immense.  

that's all.


(i just got to teach my new e-mail program's spellcheck a new word: