From crisis 909
Sent Tue, Dec 14th 1999, 02:42

>      I should have known better... it's the typical "it must have gotten
>lost in the mail" scam.  I'm sure this sad routine is all too familiar with
>those of you who have also been burned:

ok 1...i did send the cds to you, and i'd be damned to know what happened to 
him, I'm not a scam artist or anything, i mean wtf its 2 lousey cdrs worth a 
whole $3, gimme a break...
and 2... i even made a second copy of them with the intent to send them to 
and last but not least 3...about a month ago i got found out I got my 
license suspended so my car has been off the road since then and i havn't 
been able to get to the PO due to my lack of transportation
ok 1 more thing 4...for those that know me from online or whatever know i 
havn't been online much lately and on top of that i havn't been ignoring 
your e-mails as i havn't even checked my e-mail in 3-4 weeks, skinner told 
me about the post and thats why i've desided to check it.

I will be getting my licence back in another week, and at which time i will 
be sure to send you your cds along with another cd i've made for you in 
compensation, at witch time I would ask you to revolk this spam e-mail 
agaist me, and i'm not asking you to do so b4 then.

1 thing kinda bothers me about this post, I see your point about posting 
this and all, I fucked up, i'll admit to that, but you coulda just posted my 
name/screnename, there was absolutely no reason for you to post my home 
address in a spam e-mail.



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