(idm) plastikman in l.a. + a question

From Steven Center
Sent Tue, Jun 23rd 1998, 22:57

i just picked up my ticket for the ritchie hawtin show to be held at the
glasshouse in pomona on thursday the 2nd of july.  the flyer claims that
ritchie will be doing a five hour d.j. set along with effects and a
909.  plus a two hour set from john aquaviva.  i am just bubbling over
with excitement.  i've slowly evolved in to quite the plastikman fan
over the past few years, and at this time i think he's one of the most
important people making music today.  well, at least to me.  to give you
an idea of how much i'm looking forward to this show, the last time i
went to any sort of rave/club experience was almost two years ago.  it
takes a lot to get me away from my home stereo.

so here's the question.  i'm very in to the concept:one cd out on
hawtin's m-nus label.  i've heard talk that it is similar in style to
the basic channel material, none of which i have heard.  if i dig on the
minimal style of the concept:one cd, will i enjoy the basic channel
stuff?  any other minimal techno suggestions?