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From the mechanic
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the ambient/expermimental/electronic/*insert genre here* group would like
to inform you all of the website (address above and below) with FULL
LENGTH streamed Real Audio of the music on the demo album "forgotten
textures". Ordering Information on where to buy this music from also
available on the page. Information on subscribing to the musical nature
mailing list on the page...
also, updated lately on the page: poetry / pixel / info

please, take a few minutes and browse the site, click here, there, and
send any feedback on the site to the group. Thanks for your time.


=0D  k o n t e n t . ! d : everything is fixed =
Your actual reception may vary ...
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> the technology, 
$$ musical nature .an ambient project         $$$$ 
$$    http://musicalnature.8m.com              $$ $$ 
$$$$$$$ poetry $$ pixel $$ sound $$$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$ 
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