Re: (idm) Chocolate Industries 03

From Steven Center
Sent Fri, May 22nd 1998, 00:35

At 11:49 PM 5/21/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I've just got hold of the Push Button Objects 12" and it's the 
>thinnest vinyl I own, I think. And there's a lot of surface noise. 
>Have I got a duff one or are they all cheap pressings? 

my copies of both 02 and 03 on Chocolate Industries are on very flimsy
vinyl, so my guess is that you do not have a duff one.  my p.b.o. 12" has
all kinds of scratchy-staticy noise at the beginning of side 1, amongst
other scattered shoddy surface noises.  my funkstorung 12" is not as bad,
but not too much better.  i can't figure out why they would press their
music on such cheap vinyl, as there is no shortage of places to get quality
vinyl pressed here in the u.s..  i sure would have been disappointed with a
test pressing as thin as these things...they are practically flexi-discs.
also, i sure hope the chocolate folks are not paying more for thin plastic
sleeves as opposed to plain cardboard ones, as they provide little
protection for the vinyl and very little added benefit (unless you count the
asthetics, but that would really only come in to play if their releases were
pressed on colored vinyl, imho, and they are not.)

>Just out of 
>interest, is there a relationship between vinyl thickness and surface 
>noise? (now look what I've started) At the price I paid I'm a bit 
>disappointed (in the pressing, not the music BTW).

there is definitely got to be some sort of correlation between the vinyl
thickness and sound quality, but i for one would have a hard time showing
it.  for one thing, the p.b.o. 12" has some VERY deep bass action going on.   


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