(idm) Justified & Ancient, plus some questions.

From Steven Center
Sent Wed, Apr 8th 1998, 17:18

so i heard on the radio this mornin' that miss tammy wynette passed away
yesterday.  everyone should take another listen to the klf's justified &
ancient to remember miss wynette.  she could wail.

anyway, i ran across a few cds in a clearance bin at a local record store
yesterday, and since it's one of those lame stores that doesn't let you
listen to cds, i have a few review requests.  any info on these releases
would be greatly appreciated.

ultramarine - 'hymn', remixes by u-ziq and luke slater, among others.

jack frost - 'snow job'  this is drum & bass, correct?  comparisons?

various - "sundazed", i believe that was the title.  it's a mix cd put
together by some dj i'd never heard of with some interesting tracks,
including two coldcut remixes.  it's got a little girl with a bunch of
flowers on the cover, and looks way cheesey.  but then again, so does the
u.s. release of irresistible force's 'flying high', so you cannot always
judge a book by it's cover.

three releases on the subharmonic label - 'psychonavigation', a death cube k
cd, and another by cygnus x.  but wait, these are not the normal releases.
they are packaged in jewel boxes with booklets, but they have no tray cards
and thus no visible track listings.  also, they all have different artwork
than the originals and sa 'ibm cd-rom' on the cover.  do these have any
music on them?  what are the cd-roms like?  is it just a publicity tool?

last but not least, and not all together idm i suppose, they had a double cd
in the JDJ series by judge jules and john kelly...anyone out ther have a
review who can stomach good house music?  if you hate house music i don't
care if you think it sucks.  let me know if it is high quality or just plain

there were more i cannot remember, including some blue compilation that
included aphex's remix of a st. etiene track.  anyone know about this comp?

boy i ask for a lot.  any help would be appreciated.

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