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From Christopher Miller
Sent Wed, Nov 26th 1997, 05:04

On Tue 25 Nov 1997, ra20v asked:

> Question is, are these any good. Are they like Brown or Mono etc. Those
> discs are just some of the best idm/electro (respectively) around

     Ah.  Someone who truly appreciates goooood electronic music.  

     Anyway, yeah Softcore's pretty damn hip.  One of Uwe's earlier/mid-
period releases... quite hard to come by actually.  If you've got a lead on
one you oughta snatch it up.  I'm sure you could trade it if you didn't
take to it - although I'm sure you will. 

     As far as Jet Chamber goes though, there are three different releases.
The first two explore the trancey/ambientish side of the Namlook/Schmidt
experience, while the third (my favorite of the trio) incorporates a
surprising amount of good tranced-out bleeps and bloops with drum&bass
neatness.  A nice acoustic guitar excursion also works its way in and out
of some of the tracks - this works very well actually.

     My further suggestions for Uwe Schmidt albums (if you haven't tried
them already): "Shellglove" by ATOM HEART, "Gran Baile Con..." by SENOR
COCONUT, "Polyester" by THE LISA CARBON TRIO, "Orange"  by ATOM HEART, "60"
by SILVER SOUND, "Mono Trademark" by MONO TM, "Render"  and "Render
Audible: US Remixes" both by LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS, and on and on and on...


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