Re: whitezone-l Re: (GABBER) Bad Trader Alert: PETER KVETKOSKY

From crisis 909
Sent Tue, Dec 14th 1999, 02:51

>        Well, here is why Chris chose the wrong avenue to
>try and solve a problem.  One, he publicly admitted to
>soliciting Crisis909 to comit a crime by violating a
>copyright through making copies of CDs.  Two, we have been
>offered no evidence as to what actually occurred between the
>two people and where accusations are made without clear
>facts, slander can be applied. Three, if Crisis909 simply
>chose not to make the copies of the CD, maybe it is because
>he realized that copyright enfringement is illegal?  Thus,
>while one might say he is a bad trader, other might consider
>him an upstanding citizen for staying true to the legal
>principles designed to protect the work of other
>artists.  So, ponder upon that for awhile and then get back
>to us when you think we care. about the law...what a crock of shit, laws were 
made to be broken...


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