(GABBER) realaudio set

From atomly
Sent Tue, Jan 4th 2000, 22:27

I recorded a set I did last night.  I made realaudio of it.  I put it on
my website at http://www.atomly.com/music/

If anybody would be so kind as to check this out and give me some feedback
it would be greatly appreciated.

It's hard experimental, hardcore, distorted breaks and a booty electro
song that's guaranteed to make your mom moist.

The normal version's like 6MB and the hi-quality is about 30MB

normal: http://www.atomly.com/music/harder_than_calculus.ra
hi-quality: http://www.atomly.com/music/harder_than_calculus_hi.ra

Thank you.

[end shameless plug]

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