(amb) Misc. Records For Sale (Wave 3)

From globalwm
Sent Sun, Feb 8th 1998, 20:49

The following URL is where I'm keeping a list (300+) of titles that
I have for sale. I will not send as an attachment unless asked to
do so. If you see items you would like, list them and the prices.

I have sold alot of vinyl so far and shipping is comming out to
be about $1/record (US min $4). Please, only serious replies. If you 
replied to one of my emails before and still see a title (or two)
listed here it is because people's fingers press keys rather than
send $$. I apologize but it's really out of my control.  :)


Remember to reply with titles and prices listed so I can keep all
these orders organized. Checks (MO prefered) accepted.

- Anthony
Ft. Lauderdale, FL