(idm) HARDWAR(P)?

From Kurt B. Pruenner
Sent Fri, Sep 18th 1998, 18:07

Well, there I was, reading a German games mag... stumbling across a game review
of "HardWar" by Gremlin.

After reading the test, I though... "Hmmm... sounds like a good Elite/Frontier
followup to me..." - Alas, the (hopefully?) best was still to come...

In the personal comments box of the tester, the last sentence nearly kicked me
off my chair... "The dot on the i (i.e. best thing) is the ultimatively cool
soundtrack from bands of the British intelligent-techno-cultlabel Warp that
gives the game a very bizarre-thrilling atmosphere." (sound-rating: 92%,
overall rating: 87% (86% multi-player) ^_^)

Soooooooo... has anybody had a chance to listen to (and play) this thingie? If
so, what/who can we expect on this soundtrack?

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np: Squarepusher - Fat Controller (Hard Normal Daddy)

Be sure to check out http://www.buzz.scene.org/ if you like electronic music 
and find that trackers are not powerful enough to make your own songs...
Trackers were nice <sigh>, but... BUZZ rules!