RE: (swords) weatherall & Astley

From Andrew Singleton
Sent Thu, Jul 26th 2001, 13:21

This is probably about as true as the Britney Spears rumour going around last year some time. The dulcet tones of rick astley with an injection of machine funk might be cool. you never know til you've tried it! 

> "Scott M." <> (swords) weatherall & AstleyDate: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:03:45 +0000
>Check out this!
>>To: <>
>>Subject: [idm] This can't be right....
>>Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 09:17:39 +0100
>>>From the popbitch email:
>>     Rumour has it that reclusive Stock Aitken and
>>     Waterman hero Rick Astley has been lured out of
>>     retirement, and is working with techno production
>>     team Two Lone Swordsmen - aka dance music pioneer
>>     Andy Weatherall.
>>'Never gonna give you up' is never going to sound the same again.
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