Re: whitezone-l Re: (GABBER) Bad Trader Alert: PETER KVETKOSKY

From Skinner
Sent Sat, Dec 11th 1999, 18:47

On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, Jason J. Tar wrote:

-> No, Chris did not "Slander" your friend.  He stated
-> that he was dicked around by him, and warned others
-> that they may not want to trade with that guy as a
-> result.  That is what I would call a "Public Service
-> Announcement".

First off stop saying this person is my friend. They are
both members of lists I run. I am just defnding this person
as far as what was done. Not becuse I like one more then the

-> Nonsense.  Chris didn't say the guy fucked over
-> others, he said the guy fucked over Chris.  Which is
-> true, thus not slander.  (There is an "n" in it, btw.  
-> And you claimed Jeff couldn't read or count?!)

I didn't say anything about chris stating in his note that
the "crisis" person has fucked over others. 

I can read I just can't type or spell ;-p

-> Does it need be more then one trade?  Is it OK to fuck
-> over one guy, as long as you are straight with others?  
-> No.  One bad trade makes you a "Bad Trader".  Simple
-> as that.

No one bad trade means you fucked over one person. This dose
not mean you are a "bad trader". Trader implies this person
has done it more then once. Therefore it shows he is bad all
around. If chris just simply stated "I got a bade trade from
this person" and made a open question to find out others
have had the same situation it would of been a little more
acceptable in my eyes.

-> Again, a bunch of crap.  Chris got dicked over and was
-> attempting to save others the frustration and
-> annoyance.  Definately not "slander".  It seems as
-> though Chris gave the guy plenty of chances to clear
-> things up prior to his announcement.  Your friend
-> fucked up a trade, and now is paying the consequences.  
-> If he wants to clear his name, he'll simply send Chris
-> what he promised.  (As well as, might I suggest, a
-> note of apology.)  Not that hard of a thing to do.

Once again He is not my "friend" I neither by loayalty side
with either of these people. I just find it unjust to tell
make everysingle person on the netlists belive this
person(crisis909) is a bad trader over one Trade

Its like saying you had one bad date with a person and now
that personwill make sure and tell everyone to stay away
from this person. Is it just or unjust to levy that much 
strength in the judgement? More so when they are trading
music and doing something illegal to begin with.

Once again don't think im siding with crisis909 becuse i am
a friend of his. I hold both these people in the same
light. as members of one of my lists. I just find the
judgemnt too extreme. If chris and 5 other people had the
same issue and then they sent the mail out with all thier
info and complaints I could see it. but one insidant dosent
make a person over all bad. Shit happens. as the expression
goes. Does this make it right for Chris? No it doesent he
should get back what he deserves, but the course of action
should of been differnt 

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