Re: (idm) autechre/gescom sounding stuff by mantronik

From Steven Center
Sent Thu, Dec 3rd 1998, 17:28

Rodney Perkins wrote:
> I acquired an MP3 of Mantronik's "Bassmachine Re-Tuned phat girlz mix." I'll
> be damned if it doesn't sound like Autechre or Gescom made it;  I have
> Kurtis Mantronik's "Mad" which I like quite a bit but what else does the guy
> have in this crunching style? I'm kinda stunned.

This is a remix of Mantronik's "BassMachine" done by Riz M. a.k.a.
Neotropic/Small Fish With Spine under her underused Phat Girlz moniker. 
I think someone else helped her do this remix, which is ace by the way. 
Quite a great 12" if you can track it down - It's on Oxygen Music
Works.  The 12" also includes a remix by Omar Santana that is not all
that bad, considering some of his other 'big beat' output.  As far as
Riz goes, take yer pick of her output.  I love it all.