[AH] Next year's SEAMUS

From Kent Williams
Sent Mon, Feb 26th 2001, 21:08

This is all in the very formative stages but SEAMUS, the Society
for Psycho-Acoustic Music is meeting at the University of Iowa
April 4-6th. I've been asked by Lawrence Fritts, who is hosting
at the University for the Music Department to set up a night of
non-academic electronic music.

I've already asked a few people about playing, but I'm thinking
it would be possible to set up a renegade convention at the same
time for people like us, and have music for all three nights.

What I'm wondering for is a headcount of people who would seriously
attend such a thing.  We might be able to get space in the School of Music
to set up, and I can book clubs for all three nights for live performance.
I would set up some sort of package price for all three nights.  

I won't say who I've asked about this but I can say this. If you're into
the creative fringes of Electronic Music you will be very happy if I get
only one or two of them.


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