Re: (idm) Concept 1 question

From Steven Center
Sent Thu, Nov 5th 1998, 17:57

> Went to my local vendor in search of the Brinkmann who rummaged 
>around in the back and brought ought what appeared to be Hawtin's 
>Concept 1 CD (it has the white and red cover design that he's used 
>on a couple of CDs) - I said I didn't think that was the right thing -
> does the Brinkmann version have his name on it? Legibly?

Not really.  It looks just like the Concept One 96:CD but instead of
the red dots, it has blue dots.  That and it says "96:VR" on the spine.
I've also seen copies of the CD with a sticker on the front that 
i.d.'s it as the brinkmann remixes.
> Is it silly to get the Brinkmann without having Hawtin's original?

personally, i'd say yes.  they are two entirely different releases made
from the same source material, so they truly do compliment each other.
plus, they look nice next to each other on a shelf :)  i find both of 
them to be extremely satisfying.  i suppose if you have the original
concept one 12"s, though, the original CD may be a little bit of a 
waste...i wasn't so lucky as to come across the originals, so i enjoy
this CD.

mr. lumpy