Re: (idm) front 242 - headhunter 2000

From Niraj Agarwalla
Sent Thu, Dec 3rd 1998, 19:23

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Greg Clow wrote:

> > does anyone what is up with the above ? a friend of mine told me that 4
> > different remix cd-s were recently released. does anyone have tracklistings
> Yup. *16* new remixes of "Headhunter" by a bunch of current electronic
> artists, most of them "industrial" (whatever that means nowadays). It was
> releasesed as four 4 track CDEPs in Europe, and as a double CD by
> Metropolis in North America. I don't know the track listing offhand, but
> if you check out, you should be able to find it.

  It was supposedly released December 1st, so it should be in the stores
by now.  Also check out Metropolis' website:


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