[idm] First Wild Kingdom for 2008

From Richard Hester
Sent Mon, Dec 31st 2007, 02:54

The playlist for last night's Wild Kingdom is at 
http://www.kfjc.org/music/playlist.php?i=29316 .
As it's early days yet, I can't tell you what'll be on the slate for the 
first show of 2008. However, I have around 50 bits of vinyl I haven't 
had a chance to touch a needle to yet, so I just might be able to pull 
something together in the meantime. Expect a mix of fairly new and 
vintage sounds, a bastard chimera slopping around between genres. Tune 
in to see (or hear, really)what I mean.

  "The Wild Kingdom" airs on KFJC-FM 89.7, Saturday night/Sunday 
Morning, 12A-3A (7A-10A GMT). The webcast is at www.kfjc.org (follow the 
links). Present and past Wild Kingdom playlists are also archived there. 
You can also check out archived playlists from my first KFJC show "Just 
Desserts" that aired on Fridays 10P-2A from 1992 through 1999. Archived 
playlists exist for that show starting from Fall 1995 to New Year's Eve 

If you do tune in (especially via the web), please take a little time to 
let me know your locale. I'm also interested in promos from all over and 
in promoting local (San Francisco Bay area) techno-type events. If you 
want to do some fairly serious promotion, contact the KFJC promotions 
department at xxxxx@xxxx.xxx to arrange ticket giveaways and also to 
send information for inclusion in our concert outlook. Thanks to those 
who have sent promo music so far.


                    Richard Hester
                    "Mr. Goodwrench"
                    "The Wild Kingdom"
                    SU 12A-3A
                    KFJC-FM 89.7, Los Altos Hills, California

P.S. If you like jazz, tune in on Tuesday January 1, 10A-2P PST, as I'll 
be hosting the KFJC Jazz Kollektiv, our showcase for Jazz sounds. I do 
the Kollektiv on the first Tuesday of every month, and this time around 
I'm doing a minor emphasis on classic trumpet players.

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