(idm) Hate techno

From Iain Forfar
Sent Tue, Jan 6th 1998, 07:06

> Most US shops lump everything into "dance" or "techno", often the 
> trip-hop winds up in rap, depending on how clueless they are.  Sometimes 
> there's an ambient section, where you'll find everything from Moby to 
> T.Dream...

Heh - I've found some really bizzare ways of lumping things together
here. One of the better local places puts just about everything decent
under "Trance" - Incl. things like Sqrpsr. They do have a jungle section
mind you, home to Metalheadz and the like.

My fave shop, sadly closing, just used to put everything worth looking
at in a "Progressive Dance" section.