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Sent Mon, Apr 6th 1998, 17:05

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[re]views new kreidler, rephlex, ninja tune 12"s

quick [re]-views

kreidler - au-pair 12 " [kiFF SM]

kreidler, who feature to rococo rot's stefan schnider amongst their 
ranks, combine the digital sleekness of YMO with loose instinctive 
grooves of can or soft machine, sounds good on paper, however lead 
track 'au-pair' is linear, predictable and mechanically stiff, sounds 
like a tortoise demo with not enough instinctive push & pull interplay 
between the musicians, flip over, 'gain', 45 i presume, emits short 
bursts of randomized jap-crypto-funk during which various oriental 
counterpoints combat for pole position, 'automatic tunnel' on the 
other hand could have been composed on automatic pilot, plodding 
porter ricks style minimalism probably meant to be mesmeric but 
doesn't quite pull it off

chaos ad - remixes 12" [rephlex]

da pusher returns with this schizophrenic 4 tracker, a-side 'psultan' 
is a lengthy workout which doesn't stray too far from the 'feed me 
weird things' formula, i.e. cheesy break beats, pulverizing bass and 
sledgehammer dynamics. 3 mixes on the flip are apparently the work 
of tom's brother, andy, [??] and fit nicely into the 'so-bad'it's 
good' category, check tom's crot 12" or universal indicator series 
for reference points. lo-fi, psychotic 303 workouts with and 
extraneous shrieking and moronic rhythms

various - funkungfusion sampler 12" [ninja tune]

precursor for ninja cuts 3 compilation due out on 27th april. featured
on this 12" are amon tobin, clifford gilberto, herbaliser and the
pairing of money mark & kid koala. both tobin & herbaliser's cuts
are rampant hip hop abstractions that groove but unfortunately just 
do not MOVE!. clifford gilberto [who he?] humps effectively with DA 
be-bop funk whilst kid K & M mark provide the standout cut, laconic
so-loose-it-could-fall-apart-at-any-minute opium shuffle with a 
typewriter chattering in the background, maybe burroughs hard at 
work in tangiers?

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