(idm) Very Brief Atom Heart Album Discography (if that's possible...).

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> I'm interested in Atom Heart, but I can't find much info on them (him?).=

     Atom Heart is one person... Uwe Schmidt.  Like Mult pointed out, all
of the discographies are a bit outdated (considering his mass amount of,
and overly-frequent output).  Below is a listing I made up for the mother
list a while back that might help a few of you out there who are looking
for his stuff.  Anyway, it had to be posted here sooner or later:=20

              > >   f u l l - l e n g t h   a l b u m s   < <

artist/alias------------release title(s)---------------composer(s)---------
ALMOST DIGITAL          A.D.                           Schmidt
AERIAL SERVICE AREA     Aerial Service Area            Schmidt/Sol/Heyduck
ATOM HEART              Orange [Monochrome Stills]     Schmidt
                        Live at sel i/s/c              Schmidt
                        Morphogenetic Fields           Schmidt
                        B2                             Schmidt
                        Live P@                        Schmidt
                        Music Without Purpose          Schmidt
                         (limited to 10 copies)
                        Shellglove                     Schmidt
                        ?  (limited to 1 copy)         Schmidt
ATOM HEART & EYEPHONE   Microprocessed                 Schmidt/Behrens
ATOMU' SHINZO           Act                            Schmidt
BASS                    Binary Amplified               Schmidt
                         Super Stereo
THE BITNIKS             Halograms                      Schmidt/?
BROWN                   Brown                          Schmidt
COEUR ATOMIQUE          Coeur Atomique                 Schmidt
DANDY JACK              Dandy Jack                     Schmidt/Jack
                         & The Cosmic Trousers          /Elln/Sol
DATACIDE                Datacide                       Schmidt/Inoue
                        Datacide  II                   Schmidt/Inoue
                        Flowerhead                     Schmidt/Inoue
                        Ondas                          Schmidt/Inoue
DOTS                    Elevator Music                 Schmidt
FLEXTONE                Flextone                       Schmidt
FONOSANDWICH            Fonosandwich                   Schmidt
HAT                     Tokyo - Frankfurt - New York   Schmidt/Inoue/Hosono
i                       Repetitive Digital Noise       Schmidt/Inoue
                        Tinned Music                   Schmidt
INTERACTIVE MUSIC       Interactive Music              Schmidt
JET CHAMBER             Jet Chamber                    Schmidt/Namlook
                        Jet Chamber  II                Schmidt/Namlook
                        Jet Chamber  III               Schmidt/Namlook
LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS      The Engineers Love             Schmidt
                        Matter                         Schmidt
                        Cloned                         Schmidt/Elln/Sol
                        Render                         Schmidt/Inoue/?/?
                        Render Audible U.S. Remixes    Schmidt
LISA CARBON             Trio De Janeiro                Schmidt/Carbon
LISA CARBON & FRIENDS   Stereococktail                 Schmidt/Carbon
                         / Experimental Post
                           Techno Swing
THE LISA CARBON TRIO    Polyester                      Schmidt/Carbon/
MACHINE PAISLEY         Machine Paisley                Schmidt/Carbon/Inoue
MASTERS OF              Mu                             Schmidt/Inoue
MONO TM                 Mono Trademark                 Schmidt/MCH
+N                      ex.s                           Schmidt/Elln
                                                        /Carter/Fanni Tutti
                        Plane                          Schmidt/Sol/Heyduck
                        Built                          Schmidt/Sol/Heyduck
PORNOTANZ               Immaculate                     Schmidt/Kuhne
THE ROGER TUBESOUND     Pentatonic Surprise            Schmidt?
SECOND NATURE           Second Nature                  Schmidt/Inoue
SEMIACOUSTIC NATURE     Semiacoustic Nature            Schmidt
SENOR COCONUT           Gran Baile Con...              Schmidt/Jack/Carbon
SILVER SOUND            60                             Schmidt/Carbon
SOFTCORE                Softcore                       Schmidt
SUPERFICIAL DEPTH       Digital Superimposing          Schmidt
URBAN PRIMITIVISM       684                            Schmidt/Wise
VSVN                    Very Synthetic Virtual Noise   Schmidt
artist/alias------------release title(s)---------------composer(s)---------

                   > >   s i n g l e s  /  e. p. s   < <

artist/alias------------release title(s)-----format(s)---composer(s)-------
ATOM HEART              Apart                12"/cd      Schmidt
                        Baud                 12"         Schmidt
                        Globescanner         12"         Schmidt
                        Larger Than Life     12"         Schmidt
                        Milagro              12"/cd      Schmidt
                        Mother               12"         Schmidt
                        Pure Function        12"         Schmidt
                        Whitehouse           12"/cd      Schmidt
ATOMU' SHINZO           Atomu Got It         12"         Schmidt
                        Check Out Da Bass    12"         Schmidt
                        Cool Memories        12"         Schmidt
                        Por Que?             12"         Schmidt
                        Track 23             12"         Schmidt
BI-FACE                 Free e.p.            12"         Schmidt/Feos
                        137 e.p.             12"         Schmidt/Feos
COEUR ATOMIQUE          Atom age             12"         Schmidt
                        Sundance             12"         Schmidt
D'AMMOND                I Want You           12"         Schmidt/Carbon
DANDY JACK              Dandy Jack           12"         Schmidt/Jack
                         & The Cosmic Trousers            /Elln/Sol
DATACIDE                The Extasy Of        12"         Schmidt/Inoue
                        Head Dance           12"         Schmidt/Inoue
DR. MUELLER             Nipples & Bass  ep   12"         Schmidt
GON                     Retrograde  e.p.     12"         Schmidt/Jack
HAT                     ?                    12"         Schmidt/Inoue
i                       Percussion Overdose  12"         Schmidt
                        Warm Sunday          12"         Schmidt
LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS      Automotif            12"/cd      Schmidt
                        Biofeedback          12"/cd      Schmidt
                        Biohazard            12"/cd      Schmidt/Elln
                        Cloned:Binary        cd          Schmidt
                        Hertz                12"/cd      Schmidt
                        Overflow             12"/cd      Schmidt
THE LISA CARBON TRIO    Opto Freestyle Swing 12"         Schmidt/Carbon
MIKE McCOY              Azid Ramcash         12"         Schmidt
                        Azid Ramcash II      12"         Schmidt
                        Acid Ramcash 3       12"         Schmidt
                        Acid Ramcash 4       12"         Schmidt
MILLENIUM               Vektor               12"         Schmidt/Namlook
M/S/O                   Trax                 12"         Schmidt/Heiko
ONGAKU                  Mihon                12"         Schmidt/Heiko/Ata
PINK ELLN & ATOM HEART  Electronique         12"         Schmidt/Elln
PORNOTANZ               Cysex                12"/cd      Schmidt/Kuhne
SLOT                    Dance                12"         Schmidt
SOUNDFIELDS             Soundfields          12"         Schmidt
SUBSEQUENCE             Healthy              12"         Schmidt/Namlook
                        Invocation           12"         Schmidt/Namlook
                        MS Recombination     12"         Schmidt/Namlook
                        Walking In My Dreams 12"         Schmidt/Namlook
SYNTHADELIC             Secretary            12"/cd      Schmidt/Namlook
                        ?                    12"         Schmidt/Namlook
URBAN PRIMITIVISM       Fraud                12"         Schmidt
                        F***!                12"         Schmidt/Wise
WEIRD SHIT              Goddamn Drummachine  12"         Schmidt
artist/alias------------release title(s)-----format(s)---composer(s)-------

     For a more complete listing (with labels, call-numbers, etc) please e-
mail me directly and I'll send out the wonderful `Uwe Schmidt Grocery-
List'.  Oh, and there's also another list I just made up last week of all
the remixes Uwe's done if anyone'd care to see that as well.  But I'm sure
y'alls brains are overloaded enough right now.  ;}

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