Re: (idm) electric company query.

From Steven Center
Sent Tue, Mar 17th 1998, 01:14

At 05:03 PM 3/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Artist: Electric Company
>Title: ? (don't have it in front of me)
>Label: Island
>Wow.  I found this on my desk this morning when I went into work and was
>immediately blown away.  This is some raw like shiznit with bleeps, bloops,
>jungle snippets, complete discontinuity, the whole shebang.  Anyone know
>who this guy is?  What's the story?

Electric Company is one Brad Lainer (sp?) of the L.A. based bliss-out band
Amnesia.  Electric Co. is his solo electronic side project, and yes, it is
some raw phucked up stuff.  Quite tasty if you are in to the dirty beat/dark
ambient sort of thing.  I have yet to hear the new cd, though, so i cannot
comment on it.  All i know is if you ever see the Amnesia double cd "Cherry
Flovour Nite Time" for a reasonable price, you should pick it up.  the first
disc is a fairly straight ahead psych-drone-fuzz pop record, but the second
is the Electric Company 'remix' of the album and is INCREDIBLE.  Very dark &
moody with disjointed beats and general overmodulated craziness.  There is
also a full length cd on american (the name of which i cannot remember...i
seem to remember that it is an anagram of 'electric company') and a 10"/7"
double pack of some live recordings that are generally noisy and scary.  I
know there is more I am not thinking of...

BTW, Brad used to be in a little band called Medicine, too.  To top it all
off, he's one of the nicest fellas i've ever had the pleasure to meet.  He
used to come in to a record store i worked at and buy lots of crazy records.